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Empower Network review, so official all it needs is a whistle.

hi names nick palmer check out inside scoop on how to be successful in Empower Network (my ID is nickpalmer).  Just because I crush it doesn’t mean you will.  My results are far from typical and you should check out the average earnings.


Empower Network has been growing like mad, ever since opening the doors on October 31st, 2011.  They’re an online network marketing company that offers the following:

One, internet marketing tools, resources, and education.

And two, a powerful business opportunity.

The products are designed to help you sell more of anything online.  The business, which is optional, allows you to resell the Empower Network products in exchange for a commission.


The company was founded by David Wood and David Sharpe – two quirky marketers who’d been through hell and back trying to make a go of traditional (old school) multi-level marketing.

“The Dave’s”… as I like to call ‘em… both have unbelievable rags to riches stories.

Dave Wood is known for being the once homeless van man.  And Dave Sharpe triumphed over a nasty drug addiction and dead-end construction job.

Together, they run what is probably the most unique, anything-goes type of business I’ve ever seen.

Both have made it a point to be completely transparent, honest and true to who they are at all times.  So much so, that the Dave’s rub a lot of people the wrong way.

In the early days, they referred to tire kickers and anyone who didn’t buy all of their products as “wussies.”

Most times, it appears they just crawled out of bed or came in from the beach.

F-bombs are not uncommon.

And although they’ve toned it down a little over the past couple years, dudes are still pretty damn raw.

Not for everyone, but I dig their style.


The Empower Network core product line consists of the following:

  • Viral Blogging System (aka ENV2 or Blog Beast): costs $25/mo, mobile-friendly, point-and-click simple, but not without glitches.

  • Inner Circle: costs $100/mo, inspiring stories and interviews available via downloadable mp3′s, cool, convenient, but some are available for free if you dial into the Monday night Empower Hour calls.

  • Costa Rica Intensive: costs $500, includes video footage of live marketing mastermind, decent content, needs refreshed though.

  • $15k Formula: costs $1,000, has boatload of webinar replays that cover all the latest and greatest internet marketing strategies, amazing value, best product by far.

  • Masters Course: costs $3,500, includes HD-video footage of live, elite-level marketing mastermind, accelerated concepts, only recommended for advanced marketers.

At this time – November 2013 – I still prefer to use this blog over theirs.  The Costa Rica Intensive product is iffy.  Others are solid, but the $15k Formula is by far the best bang for your buck.

You can purchase any of the products, in any order, and can upgrade from inside at any time.

This was just a quick overview.

See my Empower Network products page for full reviews.

Compensation Plan

There’s a $19.95/mo fee you’ll need to pay to participate in the business opportunity.

After activating that, you’re free to sell any of the Empower Network products I just talked about, as an affiliate.

The first four products pay 100% commissions and the Masters Course pays roughly 85% ($3,000 out of the $3,500 retail price).

You qualify for commissions in one of two ways:

One, by making a sale of each product to a non-affiliate (i.e. a customer who does not activate his/her affiliate account).

Two, by first buying each product yourself.

If you do not meet one of those criteria and you go on to make sales of non-qualified products, those commissions will pass-up to your sponsor.

Speaking of which…

On each of the five commissionable products, you pass-up your 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th sale thereafter.

Remember, that’s product-specific.

It’s a fair comp plan, whereby you’ll benefit from training your downline, but you’re not busting your butt to make your sponsor rich.  For example, I make way more than the guy who referred me.

Check out my Empower Network compensation plan video for a more complete breakdown.


  • Some of the very best marketing how-to money can buy ($15k Formula).

  • Culture, support, and leadership unlike anything else out there.

  • Scale and magnitude – affiliates can sell these products worldwide, online, and do serious volume, but also serious commissions of up to $4,625 per referral.

  • Slick, high-converting funnel, where most of the selling, telling and heavy lifting has been done for you.  All you gotta do is focus on traffic.


  • Polarizing company causes lots of hype and criticism.  Are you comfortable being associated with all that?

  • To get all of the products, the full experience and greatest earning potential, it’s expensive !

  • Despite undeniable upside potential, failure rate – like everything else in this industry – remains high.

  • Competition levels are increasing daily, even though it’s still a very young company.

  • Needs to be a little more product-centric and is trending that way.


My opinion comes with bias since I’m an affiliate.

But I think I’ve done a decent job of giving both sides throughout this review.


My blunt bottom line is this: from a product standpoint, it’s pretty good.  In terms of money-making potential, it’s great.

If you buy these products, will you become a better marketer, thinker and leader?

I definitely have.

If you become an affiliate, are you likely to get rich quick?

I have.  But no, definitely not.  I’m the exception, not the rule.

Again, see my Empower Network income disclaimer.

Regardless of how great the system is, making bank online will always require a ton of attributes the average person just doesn’t have.

Don’t get in this if you’re desperate and just looking to make some easy money.

Get in because you’re serious about building a real internet business that adds value and meets a need or solves a problem.


If that’s you — if you’re okay with the risk, if you know the odds are against you, and you’re still willing to plop down your money, eat, sleep and breathe these products, then grind like hell…

… I’d like to make my case for being the right sponsor for you.

I’m a blogger.  That’s what I do.

And I can teach you my big ticket blogging formula that you already know works incredibly well.  Hint: Google anything Empower Network-related.

Who do ya see?  Wink, wink.

Here’s what I love about my system — you can make virtually unlimited sales:

… without having to step foot out of your house, so you NEVER have to speak to anyone face-to-face, ever again.

… without having to pick up the phone – not even once.

… without having to work a set schedule or minimum number of hours per week.

… without needing to beg your friends and family to join you (seriously – no selling, whatsoever, because buyers come to you).

… and without having any commitments, stresses, or headaches in your business.

Write content, get ranked, and let your blog go to work for you.

It’s a beautiful thing.

And very real.  I’m willing to be your Garmin, if you’ll follow my turn-by-turn directions.


I have no desire to work with anyone who’s desperate or in this for the wrong reasons.

Again, I’m looking for A-players.  True entrepreneurs.  Cool peeps who’re big thinkers and wanna lead with value, as opposed to selfishly chasing money.

Capiche?  If so:

Click this link and apply to work with me directly inside Empower Network »

Virtual fist bump.

Thanks for allowing me to be your official Empower Network analyst.  Please help me share this review and leave any questions you have below.

Here’s a toast to the good life,


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